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When Emma and Jenny were paired for a collaborative art exhibition about birds in Jacksonville, Florida, the opportunity felt serendipitous. Emma’s work had called to Jenny the year before as she walked slowly down the center path of an outdoor art show; her soulful portraits of women sang, and Jenny stayed (and swayed) for the duration of their song.


The chance to offer words inspired by Emma’s paintings was a creative dream come true, and through that first collaboration, the idea for a book was born. Jenny’s poems and Emma’s paintings have been in conversation ever since.

Artist Meets Poet

"I think she understood when
I told her that my heart is a bird." 

from Yellow by Jenny Noble Anderson

Meet Jenny

As a young poet, Jenny Noble Anderson was awarded The Murphy Poetry Prize at Hendrix College in Arkansas, but shifted direction to pursue a master’s degree in clinical social work. Now a writer, therapist, and sobriety coach, she incorporates poetry and writing into both her own life and her clients’ treatment plans.

Jenny’s work has been featured in Poets Unlimited, The Coffeelicious, The Aonian, and (a) river rising: Anthology of Women’s Voices, Vols. I and II. She maintains a therapy and coaching practice that allows space for her poetry, and lives with her husband and son in Florida. (Web)

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Meet Emma

Artist Emma Greenhill paints figurative works primarily from her imagination, with recurring themes of inner strength, rebirth, and spiritual awakening. These pay tribute to her challenging personal journey as a cancer survivor. Through her artwork, she hopes to capture the strength and vulnerability of women overcoming adversity. 


Emma is currently represented by the Butterfield Gallery in St. Augustine and participates in art shows across the southeastern United States. She has won several awards for her work, including Best of Show at the Old Florida Celebration of the Arts in Cedar Key. A native of England, she now resides in Florida with her family.


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