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But Still She Flies
was a First Coast
Connect Summer
Reading Pick!


“[But Still She Flies] is a beautiful book about resilience. Not only are you inspired by the prose, but the artwork in it reminds me of Gustav Klempt. It’s beautiful! And I’d say the style of the poems is . . . like Mary Oliver. It’s a stunning book.” -Stacey Goldring, Writer and First Coast Connect Book Club Correspondent

The thing that makes the book so important is that it is a complete rejection of the loud, blatant, in-your-face culture largely created by male dominated corporations and constituting American pop culture.  The book claims space for the subtle, perceptive, nurturing language of women...We have to insist persistently that such creative works are important and need to be in our world.

But Still She Flies is a beautiful compilation of sisterhood; of motherhood; of the particular dichotomy between womanhood and self as we grow and grieve and shed and stumble and soar. The vulnerability in these words and paintings will move you to sincere  contemplation and for this reader: a feeling of being much less alone.  A wonderful gift, this elegant volume of thought is the true definition of self care.

Goodreads Reviewer

These paintings and poems speak to the resilience and strength women embody universally, but the book weaves a narrative of the individual journey that will resonate deeply and personally to many. This book makes a wonderful gift for the women in your life going through a dark time....these poems and paintings are a sacred gift of beauty and inspiration.

Rachel Kohl
Signing Attendee

You have created a stunning work of art. The poems are beautiful and so powerful. The art too is a pleasure, striking and engaging...I look forward to more as I continue to read and turn the pages...Congratulations for having created such splendor. 

Zoe Fishman
Bestselling Author*

Sharon Scholl
Author of "Seasons"

*Fishman is 2020's Georgia
Literary Fiction Author of the Year
and bestselling author of 5 novels,
including her most recent:
Invisible As Air 

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